How Often Should I Bathe my Rottweiler? (Clear Guidelines)

How Often Should I Bathe my Rottweiler? (Clear Guidelines)

There are many elements to being a good caretaker to your Rottweiler and one of these elements is regular bathing. But everyone seems to have a different ideas about how and when to bathe their dogs. Therefore, this article will provide guidelines for how often you should bathe your Rottweiler so you know you're on the right track.

It is best to bathe your Rottweiler only when necessary. However, a Rottweiler should be bathed at least once every three months to prevent disease and infection, but no more than once per month. If more baths are needed, consider a gentle shampoo or using just water to prevent dry and itchy skin.

I will explain more about why I think these guidelines are the best for bathing your Rottie. You will also find simple questions you can ask yourself to determine when the right time may be to give them a bath and how.

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How Often You Should Bathe Your Rottweiler

As a general guide, you can safely bathe your Rottweiler once each month. The maximum time between baths should be no more than three months. If you are bathing them more than once per month, you may need to consider methods to protect your Rottweiler's skin.

Ultimately, the frequency of bathing a Rottweiler depends on the individual. Most owners bathe their Rotties only when needed. I personally agree with this.

Bathing a Rottweiler too often can lead to dry and itchy skin. This is because frequent bathing strips a dog's skin of their natural oils that help keep their skin and coat healthy. Dry skin (and constant scratching) can also lead to excess dandruff.

On the other hand, not bathing your furry friend enough could result in disease or infection. However, by the time your Rottweiler's health is at risk from infrequent bathing, you should have already noticed a few hints that they need a bath.

Below are some questions you should keep in the back of your mind to determine whether or not your Rottweiler needs a bath.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Below are some signs that your Rottweiler may need a bath. Therefore, if the answer is yes to any of these questions, you should schedule one in the near future.

  • Does my Rottie smell?
  • Is my Rottie leaving dirty paw-prints throughout the house?
  • Does my hand have an oily/dirty residue after petting my Rottie?
  • Does my Rottie look visibly dirty?
  • Was the last bath more than three months ago?

Every Rottweiler is Different

The reason I think a Rottweiler should only be bathed when necessary is that every situation is different. Some Rottweilers spend most of their day indoors, while others stay outdoors. Some Rottweilers live in rural areas with mud and dirt, while others live in cities, where you will only find concrete and grass.

Every owner is different as well. I know I like my dogs to be clean so that the house stays (relatively) clean. I also like the fact that our guests can give them a pat or cuddle without feeling like they need to then take a shower.

If you don't mind the dirt, that's completely up to you, and I guarantee your dog loves it. Just keep in mind that they do need a bath every now and then to prevent disease and infection.

Therefore, when you think your Rottweiler is dirty, that is when they should have a bath.

How Often is Too Often?

If you are washing your Rottweiler more than once per month, you may need to reconsider your bathing routine. For washes in between this time-frame, try using just water or a very gentle shampoo.

If you are bathing regularly to reduce shedding, you may want to consider brushing more frequently and reducing the amount of baths. Brushing promotes a healthy shiny coat and you can never brush too frequently. You can also buy special dog brushes that collect loose fur, such as this one on Amazon.

Tips for Bathing Your Rottweiler

General Bathing

  • You can wash your Rottweiler in the bath, a kiddie pool or simply hose them down outside on a warm day.
  • Puppies can be washed in the laundry sink to make baths easier (and use less water).
  • Washing a Rottie will leave hair and dirt residue in your tub, so be prepared to give the tub an extra rinse.
  • Use warm water so that your Rottweiler doesn't get too cold.

Protecting Your Rottweiler's Eyes and Ears

  • Try not to use shampoo on your Rottie's head so that they don't get any in their eyes or ears.
  • Avoid any water in the ears by plugging them with cotton balls or keeping their head above the water.
  • Use a wet hand-towel to wash your Rottweiler's head and face (instead of tipping water over this area) to avoid water in their ears.


  • Allow your Rottweiler to shake off most of the water before attempting to dry them.
  • Hold a towel in front of you to prevent being sprayed as they shake.
  • Keep your Rottie inside while they finish drying so they don't pick up dirt from outside (they'll always want to roll in a patch of dirt after a bath!)
  • If you want to blow-dry your Rottie, keep the dryer at least six inches away from their fur to prevent burns.

If You Don't Want to Bathe Your Rottweiler

If you want to keep the mess out of your home or save the hassle of bathing your Rottweiler yourself, you can opt to have someone else do it for you. It is still important that your Rottweiler gets a bath, even if it is infrequently, to keep them comfortable and protect them from infection.

There are a number of bathing services available if you look for them. Some dog groomers offer mobile services where they can attach a mobile dog-wash to their vehicle and come to you. Others have businesses at a fixed address, much like taking yourself to the local hairdresser.

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