Can a Rottweiler Jump a Fence? (4ft, 6ft and 8ft Fences)

Can a Rottweiler Jump a Fence? (4ft, 6ft and 8ft Fences)
Photo by Kevin Butz / Unsplash

Rottweilers make great companions when they are with you. But when you leave, they can get up to all sorts of mischief, and having an enclosed yard is essential to keeping them out of trouble. Due to their stocky build, you may think that your Rottie can't jump the fence, but this article will show you why that is very far from the truth.

A Rottweiler can jump 3-4ft in the air and can therefore easily jump a standard 4ft fence. They may also be able to use their claws and powerful legs to scale a 6ft, or even 8ft fence. However, it is highly unlikely for a Rottweiler to jump an 8ft fence when there is nothing to grip onto.

I will run through each fence height below and explain how a Rottweiler may be able to jump or scale that fence. The type of fence you choose will also make a difference whether or not your Rottweiler can jump over.

Can a Rottweiler Jump a Fence?

Unless they are still a small puppy, Rottweilers can jump 3-4ft in the air due to their powerful legs. This means that they are able to either jump or scale most standard household fences. I will run through each of the standard fence heights below.

4-foot Fences

A Rottweiler will almost always be able to jump a 4ft fence.

A 4ft fence is shorter than the average adult. These fences are more common in front yards or rural areas and will easily keep a smaller dog in your yard.

Rottweilers, on the other hand, will be able to jump over a fence this size. This is because they can reach the top of the fence, enabling them to grip onto it and pull themselves over to the other side. Some Rottweilers may even be able to take a running leap over the top.

If you don't believe me, below is a Rottweiler jumping over a 4-5ft wall (which has very little surface to grip onto).

If you are planning on getting a Rottweiler, I would not recommend a fence of this height. Some Rottweilers can have a strong prey instinct and may get up to all sorts of mischief if roaming free.

6-foot Fences

Many Rottweilers can scale 6ft fences.

When it comes to jumping over a 6ft fence, there is a difference between 'can' and 'will'. Many Rottweilers can scale a 6ft fence, but most will not. This can be due to the type of fence, which I will explain further down, or the physical state of your Rottweiler.

Overweight Rottweilers will not be able to support their body weight to propel themselves over a 6ft fence. Similarly, old Rottweilers may not have the strength (although the Rottweiler in the video below is 8 years old!).

You will also find that Rottweilers that are excited or distressed can run and jump a lot faster than they normally would. Like in humans, stress hormones activate the fight or flight response, which provides a large burst of energy. A calm or well-exercised Rottweiler will usually not feel compelled to jump a 6ft fence.

8-foot Fences

Very few Rottweilers can scale an 8ft fence.

If you have an 8ft fence on your property, you are pretty much guaranteed that your Rottweiler will not jump the fence. That being said, you will see in the video below that it is still possible.

The Rottweiler in this video has clearly been trained to scale the wire fence, and can only do so because of the wire design. If this had been a concrete wall of the same height, this Rottweiler would have nothing to hold onto to propel upwards.

Stop your Rottweiler from Jumping the Fence

As you can see, height is just one variable in allowing your Rottweiler to jump the fence. Below are range of ways you can help prevent this behaviour.

Choosing the Right Fence

Whether you are putting in a new fence or already have one that's not working, you should consider tailoring your fence to keep your Rottweiler on your property.

I would recommend a fence that is at least 6ft tall. Your Rottweiler will not be able to see over this fence when they jump so will be less tempted to cross to the other side. With a few extra considerations (like below), they also should not be able to jump over this height.

Avoid Transparency
Consider a fence that is not transparent so that your Rottie cannot see through to the other side. If they can see through the fence, something may catch their attention and initiate a fight or flight response. This will give your Rottweiler the will-power to start scaling the fence.

Smooth Surface
Consider what your Rottweiler could grip onto to scale the fence. Wire fences are the most easily gripped. Rough stone or brick walls can also be scaled. If you have a wooden fence, choose one with vertical planks or pickets instead of being horizontal (like a ladder).

Spikes at the top of the fence may be a good deterrent for your Rottweiler, but may also injure them if they do attempt to jump over.

Discouraging Your Rottweiler

If you need to compromise on the structure of the fence, there are still ways you can stop your Rottweiler jumping the fence.

Giviing your Rottweiler enough exercise throughout the day will tire them out enough that they will not have the energy or desire to jump the fence. Rottweilers need around two hours of exercise each day, but this should be spread across the day. This keeps your Rottie's energy levels low throughout the whole day.

You can teach your Rottweiler that jumping up at the fence is bad behaviour from the very beginning. Be consistent with your training and they will quickly learn that you do not approve of that behaviour. This ensures your Rottweiler does not have time to practice jumping or scaling the fence.

Supervise the Yard
If the above recommendations are not working, you may need to supervise your Rottweiler's time in the yard. You will see signs that your Rottie is trying to jump the fence such as pacing the fence, looking up at the fence and jumping around.

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